Protocol for exchange of JATAC data for EVDC ESA Validation Data Centre

This protocol aims to encourage dissemination of data and results for scientists involved in the JATAC measurement campaign and contributing networks/stations and to protect the rights of the involved individual scientists.

The data from the JATAC campaign and networks is provided to EVDC with the permission of each organization or data provider contributing to the campaign.

  1. A registry of the JATAC PIs will be kept in EVDC. Scientists will formally get access to data areas for the JATAC project when they have signed the current data protocol.
  2. Access is strictly personal through nominative login and password.
  3. Preliminary data submitted to the JATAC disc has no restrictions on data type or format, but should be fully documented or self-descriptive.
  4. All JATAC PIs are to have equal and complete access to the measurements produced during the campaign.
  5. Re-distribution of data to third parties, or partners outside the JATAC group, is not allowed and requires written permission from ESA and the data originator.
  6. The ownership of the data remains with the data originator.
  7. By using these JATAC data, the data user accepts that an offer for co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners.
You hereby agree to the conditions of this data protocol when submitting this form